Average 98 Google Pagespeed Score

Money Back Guarantee

4-Day Average Optimisation Time

Average Load Time Less Than 2 Seconds

No Impact to the Design of your site

We were amazed at the speed increases Refresh achieved on our website.
Alexandra Papas, Marketing Manager, ScotPac
We were amazed at the speed increases refresh achieved on our website.
Alexandra Papas, Marketing Manager, ScotPac
We were amazed at the speed increases refresh achieved on our website.
Alexandra Papas, Marketing Manager, ScotPac
We were amazed at the speed increases refresh achieved on our website.
Alexandra Papas, Marketing Manager, ScotPac

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Improve SEO Rankings

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Increase Revenue

Improve User Experience

Why does Google’s pagespeed matter?

Improving the speed directly impacts how your customers view your website. Fast speed means happier customers and more conversions. Simple.

With Google’s recent update, your website’s page speed is now more important than ever. To date, business owners generally have not paid a great deal of attention to their website speed but come June 2021, if your website does not hit the mark, your position on Google could drop quite significantly.

Google is constantly trying to improve it’s user’s experience and in doing so will seriously favour websites and business whose loading times are within Google’s Guidelines. If you are unsure what your PageSpeed score is, find out below.

1 in 4 visitors

Would abandon a website that takes more than 4 seconds to load.

1 second delay

Reduces customer satisfaction by 16%.

64% of shoppers

Who are disatisfied with a website will shop somewhere else next time.

46% of users

Don’t revist poorly performing websites.

The benefits of increased speed in real life scenarios. Let’s look at the numbers:


One second delay equates to a 7% loss of conversions

Speed Effects Sales

A site making $100,000/pcm with a one second improvement increases revenue by $84,000 annually

Repeat Business

79% of customers who are unhappy with a website's speed are unlikely to purchase from the site again


Slow loading sites don't rank well with Google. In fact sites with poor user experience including laboured page loading are penalised, meanwhile, websites showing quality user experience receive a SEO uplift.

What to Expect


You can expect exceptional results from our service.
We aim for 100%, averaging 98/100 on desktop and mobile.

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Visit Scotpac.com.au

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Why our service is different to other providers

The beauty of our speed product is that It works continuously to optimise the website as new content and features are added. So you'll never get a drop-off in speed.

What the experts are saying

Across 5 clients to-date, we've seen years of Speed troubles be resolved in a matter of days. As a result, we're seeing happy devs and huge gains across SEO, Google Ads & general conversion rates. Truly refreshing.

Phil Oren

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Alexandra Papas

Super Optimised Website Guaranteed

Our 4 Step Process

Speeding up your website couldn’t be easier:


Contact us and receive a personalised quote to suit your business needs and budget


Analysis of your website and target areas for improvement


Implement site wide optimisations. This is an extremely low risk process and there will be no change to the website design or functionality

Approve & Go Live

Delivery and launch of a fully optimised site including speed test results and core web vital reports

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Optimisation Specialists

How it works
& what we do

We integrate our CDN (Content Delivery Network) tool and optimise all assets including images, code and videos. Our solution then serves your website content to your users as and when they need it. Delivering a lightneing fast experience your users will love.

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Optimise all images into web format

Compress and combine Javascript and CSS

Serve all media via a highly optimised CDN

Defer any non essential scripts below the fold

Configure customised caching

Implement lazy loading of images and video

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions we get asked about our solution. We've got you covered and will have your website running like a well oiled marketing machine in no time.

Is our website safe with you?

Yes, it's 100% safe with us. All work is completed on a staging environment. All optimisations are completed within this environment and tested before we push live.

What is the process?

The process is simple, you'll provide logins,we complete our analysis and optimisations, test and launch.

Will you be working on the live site?


Will the website design & functionality change in any way?

No, there are absolutely no changes to the design and functionality of your website. Our solution provides a full optimised site will no impact to design.

Does the optimisation work across the whole site?

Yes. The optimisation works across the entire site for all content pages and it also future proofs your website for any additional updates and changes.

What's the impact to mobile speed?

In most cases mobile speed will be better than desktop.

How long does optimisation last?

As long as the site is live

Is there support post optimisation?

Yes, we are available to help post optimisation

What's a CDN?

CDN (Content Delivery Network) are servers placed all around the world that deliver optimised images, CSS and JavaScript. These files generally make up over 50% of a page and sadly traditional hosting can be much slower at delivering these. Therefore CDN's are a great option as these serve these files extremely swiftly.

Will my website remain safe and secure?

Yes, there is no impact to security. Your site security is of the utmost importance and all security best practice measures will be implemented to ensure all data is secure.

How long will it take to see results?

Results are are immediate from when the site is pushed live

Does your solution work on all wordpress websites?

The solution works with 99% of wordpress sites. If yours fits in the 1% we will not change for implementation.
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