LX Group

Next generation IoT product development for a better world

LX understand that creating and directing the future is the best way to be ready for it. Building next-generation intelligent products – offering an end-to-end solution for ambitious leaders. From making ideas real, to scaling their capability, their multi-award winning Internet of Things (IoT) strategy experts, full-stack product development team and unique IoT Cores platform equips customers with new ways to compete and grow. The mission is to build technology that accelerates positive change at scale. Constantly being at the forefront of new and innovative solutions that have the ability to transform companies and industries.

LX Group's brand and consequently online presents were not in keeping with a company at the forefront of innovation. Outdated and delivering a substandard user experience LX engaged Refresh to produce a website that would reflect who they are as a company and showcase the ground-breaking projects they are developing.

The Solution

Our rebranding exercise and website delivery enhanced LX brand equity by providing a new visual identity born from examining the company as a whole and understanding its strategic and specific needs. Leveraging simple and cutting edge custom design, videos and animations the new site tells a story that supports the brand's innovative ethos. It attracts more customers, enhances brand loyalty and has improved brand loyalty.

What did LX Group think?

Refresh are one of the hardest working, most thorough and knowledgeable web designers I have had the pleasure of working with.
They undertook the mammoth task of developing our website and did a fantastic job.
Always prompt with communication, honest and professional.
I cannot recommend Refresh highly enough.

How did we get there?

We worked closely through our end to end process:

  • Discovery
  • UX Design  
  • Development
  • Maintenance, support and management

LX and Refresh continue to work together and have found a great balance between understanding the wants and needs of the customers and the strategic drivers of the brand and business.