Website design

Website design is part art, part science, a good dose of psychology and a dash of common sense.

Before you begin thinking about your website’s look and feel there are a number of steps that will enable you to deliver a powerful and engaging web experience that will make your message clear, memorable and enticing for web users.

This is where Refresh can help you.

Immersive design

We work with clients to discover their key website objectives and then work towards delivering these in the most effective form. We’ll also decide what devices your audience might be using to access your content and ensure that each page looks great across the board. Using robust, grid based-layouts and proven design techniques we thrive on delivering beautifully immersive web experiences that creatively use the latest technologies to complement the business message. Seamless page transitions, intelligent use of emotional triggers and clean page layouts are our thing. Users should feel delight and curiosity when they discover your website. Visiting your website should be as easy and intuitive as wandering around an Apple store.

Check out our work to discover what we have created for other happy customers.