The Driven

Australia’s premium and largest source of information and news about electric vehicles (EV), and the movement to zero emissions transport

The Driven is the place to go for the most up to date information and thoughts about EV transport if you are considering buying and/or interested to learn more about industry trends, new models and statistics. Hugely popular, it is respected by the automotive industry.

The Driven identified that there was not a single source of information in Australia for potential customers and industry leaders to discover, research and compare the world of EV's online.

Our Solution

Working as part of The Driven team Refresh conceptualised, designed and developed a feature-rich WordPress website that ticks all of The Driven's boxes, is full of dynamic and full of engaging content that fills the gap in the market. With more than 350,000 unique visitors engaging with the website each month the project is now at the forefront of the EV scene and respected for its quality and unbias information.

What do users think?

With more than 350k visits to the site every month, the site is a huge success.

How did we get there?

Services leveraged working through our end to end process:

  • Discovery
  • UX Design
  • Development and testing
  • Maintenance and support

The Driven and Refresh continue to work together and have found a great balance between understanding the wants and needs of the customers and optimising the user experience (UX) for their readership.