Discover Sydney's property portal with Surfari Real Estate

Surfari is a real estate platform that specialises in luxury homes across Sydney's stunning beaches. They create a space where private sellers can showcase their properties and reach the ideal buyers who are looking for their dream homes. They have built a super engaging presence on Instagram, where they share their listings and attract more traffic. They set the standard for a luxury, modern and streamlined real estate experience that matches their clients' lifestyles.

The Challenge

Surfari is a popular Instagram account that showcases million-dollar listings across Sydney's stunning beaches. With over 100k followers, they had a loyal fan base and a strong brand identity. They wanted to take their business to the next level and enter the online real estate space, where they could offer more services and generate more revenue.

The Solution

That's where we came in. We designed and developed a sleek and modern real estate portal that matched Surfari's aesthetic and vision. The portal allows users to browse, search and advertise properties, as well as access exclusive content and deals. It also integrates with Surfari's Instagram account, so they can easily share their listings and attract more traffic. The portal is fast, responsive and user-friendly, and it gives Surfari a competitive edge in the online real estate market.

How did we get here

  • Discovery
  • UX Design - wireframes and screen design
  • Development
  • CMS: WordPress
  • Maintenance, support and management
  • Ongoing digital strategy
  • Website hosting