Compare hundreds of credit cards from different banks and brands is your go-to website for comparing and applying for credit cards in Australia. Find the perfect card for you with their easy comparison tool, based on features like balance transfers, bonus points, no annual fee, low interest, frequent flyer, rewards and more. Read honest reviews by a finance expert, ask a question, and apply online. Learn more about credit cards with their helpful guides and posts on topics like credit card debt, ATO payments, first-time cards, and smart credit card use. is a free service that helps you get the best credit card deal.

The Challenge is a website that helps Australians compare and apply for credit cards online.Their website was largely broken, with bugs, errors and performance issues. They needed a Refresh Rescue! 

The Solution

We performed a site-wide review with the team, and logged all the tasks in Jira. We worked on weekly sprints, delivering clean and functional code to fix all the areas across the website. We also implemented new features and page templates, such as a card finder tool, a blog section and a landing page generator.

The Results is now a fully functional website with no errors. It is stable and super fast, and it provides a great user experience. It is now a major player in the Australian credit card market, and it has attracted the attention of a tier one tech company, who recently acquired it. We are proud of our work and our partnership with

How did we get there

  • Discovery
  • UX Design - wireframes and screen design
  • Development
  • CMS: WordPress & Code Ignitor
  • Maintenance, support and management
  • Ongoing digital strategy
  • Website hosting on dedicated server

Creditcard said we were great to work with and reliable which was a rare experience!

"Great working with Refresh on They was able to address issues with the site and implement our template changes when required. Reliable developers are hard to find, Refresh are reliable."